Buying Information

In today’s market, the best assistance we can offer is to encourage you to do all your ‘due diligence’ as soon as possible, especially if the property is going to auction.

Before you even start looking – get ready to be able to purchase, are your finances in place, have you spoken with a solicitor who will be able to look at a contract quickly for you?

  • If genuinely interested, ask for a private viewing so you may study the house in detail.
  • Again if genuinely interested, ask for a copy of the complete contract and take it to your solicitor
  • Ask the agent how many interested parties there are and would the vendor sell before auction, other buyers will be asking these questions so you need to know.
  • Let the agent know you are genuinely interested, most agents really want to help you.
  • Spend time ‘researching ‘ the area so you are familiar with what the property value range.
  • Study the floor plans adequately so that you know your furniture will fit.
  • Research local schools and amenities.
  • Check for any nearby development application.
  • Organise a building and pest inspection.